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Credentials and Memberships: SKYTECH is a leader in the water well industry and maintains state of the art knowledge, techniques and equipment through memberships with the Arizona Water Well Association and the National Ground Water Association.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Arizona ROC—Residential Contractor License #144685 R-53

Arizona ROC—Commercial Contractor License #149362 A-04

BJ Washburn

Founder and owner of SKYTECH DRILLING, BJ Washburn has been mining natural resources since 1978. In addition to drilling for water, his expertise includes uranium, oil, gold, silver, copper, and pot ash from the Western United States.

    Dustin Washburn

DRILLER for SKYTECH DRILLING, Dustin Washburn has been drilling water wells and installing water pump systems for SKYTECH DRILLING for over 15 years in Arizona.


SKYTECH offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your residential and commercial drilling needs.  Drilling Techniques include Air and Fluid Rotary depending on the geological formations.  

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Pump and Storage Systems

SKYTECH's design and installation of complete water systems includes: Pressure Tank Systems Booster Pumps Submersible Pumps Storage Tank Systems Plumbing and Electrical Systems SKYTECH's well drilling and pump system specialists are known throughout the State for their expertise.

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Maintenance and Repairs

SKYTECH is available to service your existing well system. In addition to cleaning and repairing existing wells, we do testing, repairs and replacement of all the water system equipment.

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SKYTECH Drilling is a family owned and operated company servicing Arizona since 1988. We specialize in complete water well design, development, construction and maintenance for residential and commercial sites.

SKYTECH has worked closely with geologists, hydrologists, owners and contractors to provide Arizona with water wells throughout the state.

SKYTECH’s well drilling and pump system specialists are known throughout the State for their expertise.